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Join our growing group of MTB riders

Riding the trails of north herts since 2005

Why not come along?

All you need is a Mountainbike a helmet and a sense of humour- just complete the rides form.

Based in Harpenden

We are an ever growing group of MTB riders (over 150 registered) who enjoy getting wet, muddy and tired (well some of us anyway) and stopping for the odd pint of beer or two. Most of our rides are local (not trail centres) XC and singletrack. There are varying levels of speed and fitness from the tri-athletes and skiers, to the slower and less fit (that's me-Rich).

Our newbies rides

Generally the first sunday of each month and normally around 3 hours and 25k+, These rides are local trails, XC (as there are not many hills) regular stops with some very decent singletrack in the woods and as little tarmac as possible. A social ride finishing with a beer. 


Regular Sunday rides are a little longer/faster 40-50k and the midweek rides are quicker still for 2 hours plus. 

What you get when you come along!

  • Getting to know the trails on your doorstep
  • Different ride categories for varying levels of fitness
  • Fun of group riding and the drinks afterwards
  • Meet new friends who strangely enjoy spending 3 hrs in the saddle and in the winter/spring getting covered in mud/dirt
  • Access to the helpful OTT Riders via our message board
  • Discount from local bike shops (special to OTT)
  • Learn about getting the best out of your bike
  • Getting wet & muddy (did we mention that!)                                                       

More information

about OTT

Experienced riders

Our EXPERIENCED Lead Riders know the trails, don't leave anyone behind and will help newbies with bike set-up questions and any of those mech issues which can happen on the first ride out.

Riding further

We do rider further and longers distances so if you ride regularly with us you will get the chance to visit the trail centres and other exotic destinations. Each month we also have an OTT rider take us on their local trails in Herts, Beds or Bucks.Plus for the experienced riders we have night-rides (ask about these when you join us on a sunday)

Bunch of cycling friends

We are not a club and therefore have no fees - but a couple of times each year we mention to our regular riders about a voluntary donation to cover the cost of running the website.

Have you registered your bike? - Try BIKE REGISTER you can also check to see if the bike you have been offered on GUMFREE or FLEABAY is hot by checking the register - you can also get the SECURITY KIT for your new bike, really worthwhile

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