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Happy Easter


Most of the things you need to know about us are either below or on the FAQs pages - if you are coming along it's worth a read first!

Based in Harpenden
, Hertfordshire, we are a
mixed group of lunatics, but not a cycle club, who enjoy getting muddy wet & tired (well some of us anyway!) and occasionally stopping for a pint of the local ale at the Amble Inn. There are varying levels of speed and fitness from the tri-athletes and snowboarders to the the slower and less fit (that's me- Rich ) .

You can join us on our Sunday morning riding madness through the wilds of North Herts. All you need is a helmet a bike and also a sense of humour (this line has been pinched by other bike groups with websites!) .You can read about the newbies ride below.

We ride together as a group and don't leave anyone behind, always waiting for the last rider (a result of the odd mechanical or just the extra drink you had the night before) so we don't dissapear into the dust leaving anyone to get lost

Where we ride and how far - Newbies ride once a month and generally it's 25k, Regular Sunday Rides are little longer 35-40k (3hrs plus) and slightly quicker with the midweek rides quicker still for 2 hours plus (READ DETAILS BELOW) . Most rides are local trails, mostly XC (as there are not many hills) and some nice singletrack in the woods, with as little tarmac as possible.

If you are new to mountainbiking or not tried 40k, why not come along to a NEWBIES ride which is usually on the 1st Sunday of each month. Just let us know if you are coming along in case times/meet changes - You only have to complete the rides form and register for our message board to join in.

Many who can't ride every week just come along for this one and we do end up in the Pub!. Dont forget to read our FAQ's page just click here

Pictures by Geoffrey

For the more extreme riders, Midweek Nite Rides and the odd Saturday we see the Single Speeders hit the trails for some serious stuff (2hrs+, if your legs and batteries can take it). Not ideal if you are new to MTB'ing as typically 17kmph + pace and non-stop. Please note that we do ask riders to hit the sunday trails with us first before attempting the evening midweek madness.

We do sometimes venture further than the home counties and our treks to Africa, Italy, Spain, Germany (+Wales & Cannock) can be seen on the media pages....not to be missed! If you ride regularly with OTT (and become an OTT Rider) you can join us at some of the UK trail centre rides in Wales and beyond.

Most of the info about OTT is on the FAQ's page - here, but if you simply want to ask any questions just drop me a line at the address below.

anti-Social Media - We are often asked why we are not linked. Well long before most of these existed we had a website a blog and a message board, so why do we need anything else?.