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Welcome to OTT Mountainbike 

Based around Harpenden, Hertfordshire we are an ever growing (over 200) group of MTB riders (men & women) who enjoy getting wet,muddy and tired (well some of us anyway) and stopping for the odd pint of beer or two. There are varying levels of speed and fitness from the tri-athletes and skiers, to the slower and less fit (that's me-Rich)

Our NEWBIES ride is usually 1st Sunday of the month this is normally around 2-3 hours and 25k, regular Sunday rides are a little longer/faster 35-50k and the midweek rides are quicker still for 2 hours plus. Most rides are local trails, XC (as there are not many hills) with some very decent singletrack in the woods and as little tarmac as possible. 


NEWBIES - INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED - is how we grade our rides more details about this can be found on our message board (when you ride) or our FAQ's page.

We do rider further and longers distances so if you ride regularly with us you will get the chance to visit the trail centres and other exotic destinations. 

You can join us on Sunday morning riding madness through Hertfordshire, all you need is a helmet a bike and also a sense of humour (this line has been pinched by other bike groups with websites).


Don't forget Sunday NEWBIES ride is best if you haven't ridden the local trails (off-road) for 3 hours.


NEW FOR 2016


Road - Cyclo - Electric?

We have groups who also arrange other rides for anyone who doesnt just want to MTB. just contact us for more information.



Available for those who ride with OTT this has our ride events diary and details about anything social - but for those registered riders who are anti-social media (like me you can be a dinosaur) just visit our message board.

Want to know more?

Take a look at our FAQ's pages and then Coming Along if you want to join in.

sorry this is only available to registered riders

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Contact us today!

Most of the info you need (when, where, how long etc) will be on the FAQ's page  but If you want more information about us contact:


If you want to come along don't forget riders will need to complete a rides form on our coming along page (just once) helps us when organising the rides..



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