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Riders Checklist (updated for 2017)
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Q What kit should I bring with me? 

A We have produced a list to download so just click above link


Q I am a regular/experienced MTB'er and I want to come along 

A If you are used to the terrain and >35k off road trails just complete the rides form and come along.  The newbies ride is more social with regular stops (slower paced). Please note we are not a group that focusses on best times and KOMs, although we want to encourage all to get fitter and stronger..


Q I notice you dont have facebook or twitter 

A We tested FB somewhile back and found many riders wouldn't be able to access it (due to personal or job reasons) also as the board is ours your details are only kept by us and not sold - also no ads.


Q I haven't riden off-road before but regularly ride to work on my bike

A Joining a newbies ride would be best, unless you are used to riding off-road in which case come along any weekend. Do remember that you must have a reasonable level of fitness.


Q I would like to try a night ride with OTT? 

A We ask you to try a weekend ride first as the pace differs and there are far less stops - you will of course need decent lights. There are occasional newbies nights rides for the first timers.


Q - Is there an age limit to ride with OTT 

A - Yes over 40s only (just kidding) - we ask that riders should be over 16 as we are not a registered club, some rides are scheduled for younger riders during the year.


Q I don't have a mountainbike and would like to join in? 

A Decent tyres & disc brakes are a must and skinny tyres and a hybrid bike will make riding very difficult and less fun (and almost  impossible during the winter), so our routes are really not suited to Hybrids and many Cyclocross Bikes - you will get endless punctures on standard tubes/tyres. If you own an electric MTB you are more than welcome (but be prepared for a bit of banter!)


Q I would like to come along on my NEW mountainbike? 

A If you are a regular rider not a problem, but if not, new bikes are renown for early teething problems so a NEWBIES ride would be best


Q - I would like to join in what do I need to do? 

A if you fancy coming along just complete the RIDES FORM once if you decide to come along regularly we will give you access to our MESSAGE BOARD which has all the weekly ride details.


Q - How long do you ride for as I have a young family so don't have much time on a Sunday morning 

A - We normally leave around 9.30 and back for 12.30 (subject to the odd breakdown) so you will be riding all morning, we occasionally have shorter rides in the winter


Q - How challenging are the rides? 

A We grade them, NEWBIES (for a first time out <25km in 3hrs) INTERMEDIATE (>40km in 3hrs inc night rides) & ADVANCED (Trails/competitions, pace >16kmh) More details are on the message board.


Q - I noticed that when you register for the message board there are differing board status avatars, what are they for?


OTT Lead Rider*

This is a regular rider (Sunday & Midweek all year) who knows the local trails and has a high degree of mech knowledge, normally they also organise away rides at the trail centres and beyond.


OTT Rider

Ride all year round and regularly attend the sunday and midweek rides

Board Visitor

New to OTT or just ride occassionally through the year - standard board access

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